Selected Clips

Here's a selection of stories I've reported in the past for Bloomberg News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Arizona Republic/ These are a few personal favorites, and they cover a wide variety of topics. Enjoy!

“Living with Alzheimer’s and the fight to combat it”

“It's so hot in Phoenix, they can't fly planes”

“Proton Beams Zap Cancer With Muni-Bonds as Market Strains”

“Pullback From Muni-Bond Could Be a 'Yellow Flag' After Market Losses”

“Some DeKalb hookah nightclubs stay open without permission”

"Atlanta WWII vet reflects on Battle of the Bulge and decades as a scoutmaster"

“‘The littlest girl on the track’: Meet Ellie, the 6-year-old BMX world champion”

“Municipal Bonds Seek a Floor After Biggest Loss Since Trump Win”

“Meet Dylan, the Atlanta child whose ear went viral”

“Should you become a wilderness first responder?”

“Municipal Bond Sales Hit Seven-Year Low”

“Deadly hiking: All the things not to do”

“Rescue to St. Simons schoolhouse also protects Gullah-Geechee culture”

“Review: Queen + Adam Lambert infuse bombast into classics, pay respects to Freddie Mercury”